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Feel More Comfortable Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone With the Help of the Toyota Corolla

Stepping out of your comfort zone is always hard. But when you drive a great vehicle like the Toyota Corolla, it gets a little easier. Its reliability helps you feel more comfortable and confident, while its performance and features help you get excited for whatever's on the horizon. In the video below you can see a pretty great example of that. As you can see, this driver was ready to step out of her comfort zone and try something new. Here at Sterling McCall Toyota, we think the Corolla hel
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Check the Thermometer, Then Check Your Battery

Did you know that a car battery in Houston, TX has a life expectancy of only two to three years? The blistering heat inside your engine compartment cooks the battery, and exposure to this extreme heat over a long summer means less battery life. Check out some of the facts about batteries in high temperatures: Do you suspect your battery may be fading? Here are a few signs to look for: You've needed a jump-start The lights dim when you turn the A/C on Battery posts or cables have visible corro
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Visit the Sterling McCall Toyota Service Center for Your Next Maintenance Appointment

When it comes to maintaining your new or used Toyota, using only genuine parts is always the best way to go. No one wants to experience the headache that often comes with using knock off or imitation parts so, naturally, using factory made parts is a rather logical decision. In the video below to see why, when it comes to scheduling a service appointment for your Toyota, you should always choose the Sterling McCall Toyota…

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2015 Toyota Sienna Focuses on Families

In the land of the minivan, there's the 2015 Toyota Sienna and there's every other vehicle in its class.

We've found that the 2015 Sienna demands the attention of busy families in need a minivan that can keep pace with their hectic schedules.

With its vast array of family-focused features, the 2015 Sienna is almost certain to remove the stress from your daily carpooling experience!

For instance, the 2015 Sienna's well-designed…

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There is absolutely no one like this carpenter at Toyota Service Centers

There's a saying about what doesn't kill you only making you stronger, but if what's not killing you is a subpar carpenter shooting nails through your kitchen wall, well ... then we're not sure how much truth there is in that cliché.

What are we getting at here? Don't let an unskilled mechanic tear your Toyota apart just because he or she was first in the Yellow Pages (Do people read…

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2015 Toyota Prius Wins Much-Deserved Praise

Consider the 2015 Toyota Prius if you're seeking a car that delivers excellent fuel economy ratings and family-friendly functionality.

Naturally, fuel economy is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the 2015 Prius. And the iconic hybrid certainly comes through in that regard.

As a matter of fact, the Prius has improved upon its legendary fuel economy ratings by offering up to 50 MPG combined.

But, we should also point…

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Just how much can you save during the Toyota Tire Savings Event?

You can't get much for a $1 these days. A pack of gum? Maybe. A bottle of water? Good luck. A new tire for your Toyota? If you're visiting our Houston Toyota Tire Center during the month of April, you certainly can.

If you find that you're frequently driving in wet conditions, your tires need to maintain at least 1/8 inch of tread so that you can maintain control of your…

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Could this Yaris Racer be Toyota's Next Success?

At Sterling Toyota we like to keep all our readers in tune with all the latest and greatest Toyota rumors. And this week, we have a good one. A few months back, Toyota unveiled a sporty new Yaris-based rally racer for the brand's entry in the World Rally Championship. Well rumor has it that a consumer version is in the works. While details of the road-ready build have yet to be unveiled, there…

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Get More Space Out of Your Toyota Tundra

If you want a truck but also value comfort and enough interior space to accommodate more passengers and cargo, the new 2015 Toyota Tundra is a great choice for you to consider. And as an added bonus, you can find the full-sized pickup here at our Houston, TX Toyota dealership at a great price. Press the play button to see more of the new Tundra, then head over here for a closer look.

The Tundra…

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Even Space is More Efficient in the Toyota Prius v

The name Prius should make you think of one thing right away, and that's fuel efficiency. So naturally, the new 2015 Toyota Prius v maintains that tradition of unbeatable fuel economy, but this hatchback wagon also provides a little bit more. Press play to see what the Prius v has to offer, then make your way on over to our Houston, TX Toyota dealership.

With extra cargo space, and more head room in the…

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